Model: EL-P45

Medical LED Headlight

The lightest as a whole, the brightest as a luminaire




Flexible tube

360° free adjustment, easy to locate the lighting direction

Stable positioning, long-term reusing will not be loose 



The small diameter housing design achieves no blocking coaxial lighting




Simple wireless design, delicate and beautiful structure

Adopt unique polymer material, suitable for use in cold and heat extreme environment

Easy to fold, and not deformation, easy to carry

Ergonomic design, wearing for a long time without fatigue


Light spot

Intelligent constant current control makes illumination stable and does not decay as the power decreases

Innovative photodynamic design creates a strong and perfect spot.





Polymer lithium battery, green, safe and reliable




Optical system

Designed by top international optical experts and processed by German nanoscale technology, it has significantly improved the utilization rate of light energy and output strong and perfect spots with the precise uniform light system. The exquisite optical path design greatly reduces the size of the lamp holder, and achieves excellent unshielded coaxial lighting with the smallest lamp housing diameter in the industry.

Locating mechanism

Free and durable. The support system of flexible lamp holder customized with special materials can easily realize omni-directional lighting, which completely solves the problems of similar products such as limited adjustment direction of mechanical positioning way, cumbersome during use, and looseness of repeated use for a long time.


Low power intelligent constant current control based on SMPS can achieve ultra-long endurance, and the illumination is always the same in the process of use, which will not decay with the decline of power. The auxiliary power detection, grading dimming and overheating protection functions effectively improve the battery efficiency and LED life.

Overall structure

The compact and simple wireless design hides the power supply line in the thin headband, which reflects the perfect combination of technology and aesthetics. With precise and lightweight core functions and unique high-strength lightweight materials, the device is the lightest in the world, standing out from the rest.



This model combines the needs of examination and surgical lighting, with excellent performance and easy to carry, it is a necessary portable medical equipment for experts.

Key recommendation:

suitable for examination and surgery of gynecology, otolaryngology, stomatology, emergency department, and vet doctor.




Light spot diameters

88mm at 450mm distance

Max. light intensity

40,000lux at 200mm distance

Illumination adjustment

5 level

Power indication

5 level

Housing diameters


Housing adjustment range

Any angle

Battery life

Max. 24hours, varies with different working current

Color temperature

5,500k ~ 6,500k

LED life

100,000 hours

Battery data

Rechargeable polymer lithium battery, 2,000mAh, 3.7V, detachable & replaceable

Weight as a whole

130g (incl. battery)